Saas platform for personal data handling

Your customers care about their personal data. Do you? Drive your business in a secure and trustful way with Pinteg’s cloudbased service Fairity.



Complying with GDPR and much more

Our mission is to help you be compliant with the GDPR regulation, but also go beyond that. We will help you take into account the personal integrity of your customers to meet their ethical principles.

Let us guide you step by step in the simplest way

We take to heart our mission to help you make the hard work as easy as possible. We support you all the way and make your journey to compliance seamless.

Automate and simplify workflows

GDPR regulation might feel complex and difficult to understand. We automate workflows and secure efficiency.

Builds consumer trust

Digital trust is a driving force behind innovation and digitalisation for businesses. It is therefore essential that users have trust in the digital services they use every day.


What is Data Mapping?

Data mapping, also called Record of Processing Activities, is a register containing all the personal data processing you have within your company which must be mandatorily held according to art. 30 of the GDPR.

How do we help you?

It has never been easier creating a data mapping with Pinteg Fairity. We support you understanding the flow of the personal data you handle by mapping informations concerning the type of data you collect, the purpose, the data recipients, the time you keep the data…

What is Consent Management?

Consent management is the process informing your customers about your data collection and usage practices, so they can determine what personal data they are willing to share with your business.

How do we help you?

The Consent manager keeps track of exactly what consents you have got from your customers and keep this is as a register. This is required by law.

What is Privacy UX?

A privacy notice is a document that businesses and organisations give to users to explain how their personal data is processed. It has two aims: to promote transparency and to give individuals more control over the way their data is collected and used.

How do we help you?

An easy to understand privacy notice is key to build trust towards your customers. Pinteg’s Privacy UX features does just that, secure you are clear and transparent towards your customer so they feel trust and keep using your products and services.

What is Guides & Templates?

It is important to clear guidelines and templates so the work to be GDPR compliant is made easy and effective.

How do we help you?

Pinteg has put down a lot of efforts to have best in class templates and guides to secure you understand and follow all the requirements from the GDPR regulation. E.g. templates for handling GDPR requests within 30 days or everything that is needed to handle a data breach reporting to government within 72 hours. There is also templates for processes and procedures connected to technical and organisational security as well as privacy by default / privacy by design.

They already join the journey


Sjyst Data! is the largest data protection and privacy project in Sweden. The collaboration was born out of the need for companies to get support regarding privacy, as well as finding ways to increase transparency and trust between companies and individuals.

The goal is to create a Sjyst Data! Certification that supports individuals and businesses protect data and personal integrity in the digital ecosystem.

“Sjyst Data! Certification is not only about compliance with applicable laws and regulations, but also about respecting ethical principles and user privacy” – said Christina Lagerstedt, project spokesperson.

What we want to achieve

We believe in new solutions for personal data privacy to enhance security and trust between individuals and businesses, without slowing down digitalisation. By that, we aspire to build a trusful and sustainable society.